The day in Portland was blistering cold, yet blazing sun, the kinda weather that slaps a big smile on your face -- so intense the colors and the mood.  People bundled in mittens on the bicycles and glorious beanies of every shade.  I love it when it's crisp with sunshine, like biting into the perfect Fuji apple!  

Around 4 o'clock, we sat down to what may be the world's most perfect after-school and after-work snack.  A giant mug of English Breakfast tea with plenty of milk and sugar, for good measure.  And a bowl of sliced Valencia oranges, tart kiwis, blueberries, dried cherries and a sprinkling of coconut shreds.  For me, snacking is essential -- be it in the car, on a walk, while cooking -- you can bet I've got a little stash of nuts or an apple close by.  I have to feed this beast!  Or I become very very cranky, and no one wants to be around a cranky Lee.

So do yourself a favor and cut up a colorful, happy fruit salad.  An excellent way to fend off winter blues!

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  1. I love the posts, but think a cold crispy apple doesn't do it for me. I overheard a client at a gym say "I don't like to cut back on eating, but I cut processed foods and especially sugar out.....and life s much better."
    This blog has me eating better. Healthy cheerful, non-dogmatic vegetarian philosophy......Keep it up. I love it.