As much as I should heed my own advice, and grab an orange or a cup of green tea or something of the sort, I just want to swim in a giant puddle of hot chocolate.  So does D.  We are obviously, slowly, surely, going winter-stir-crazy in our abode.  Oh Spring, where are you now?  Save us from ourselves!  For now, we must sally-forth with many cups of potent beverages.

Best hot cocoa tips other than using highest quality cocoa powder (and plenty of it) -- have a big bowl of freshly whipped cream on hand, better to 'cut' the richness of the hot chocolate.  Did I just suggest 'cutting the richness' with heavy whipping cream?  I've got some things to work on.  

And, throw in a little chunk of a nice chocolate bar -- this adds yet another layer of flavor, character and body to the final product. 

Finally, a cup of serious hot cocoa is very nice the next day, cold, straight from the fridge.  It's a breakfast pudding!


  1. no fair- coloured photo of the cocoa, please ;)
    such a delish post- i can have cocoa, hot, cold, from the fridge- heck, from the freezer. x shayma

  2. ok ok!

    next time color, my darling friend!


  3. can i come over and drink some of your hot delicious beverage? i'll bring some salted caramel. i thought the b&w was muy classico y muy classy. HC 4-ever.