I am looking forward to a big cooking project, the farmers market, a few work odds and ends and cozying up with my parents and the doggy this weekend.  I could certainly use a little familial love right about now.  My mind is aswirl with new information and Kitchn post overload.  In case you missed me over there this week, here are a couple links to check out.

Avocado Tomato Toast from Andrew Scrivani

Tiny Shell Spoon: Immensely Joyful Eating Experience

I may do a round up of all my Kitchn posts each week, to keep everyone in the loop, would this be helpful for you?  Leave your answer in the comment section, thanks!

PS -- If you are noticing a ravishing brunette in a lot of my Kitchn posts this week, my oldest pal Kate was visiting and I roped her into modeling -- she was FABULOUS, of course.

* one of my favorite photo/recipe essays I've ever done


  1. Leela, I hope you (also David) are doing good. I forgot to tell you that we spent one week in Istanbul. It's been quite hard to find veggie found. i should have ask you.

  2. I was honestly just thinking yesterday, or maybe the day before, that I'd love a kitchn recap here on leelacyd. I'm always afraid I'm missing them. Do it! xo!

  3. Yes you should! That blood orange crostata is absolutely stunning. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  4. Next...? we don't know yet ... a new baby (boy again) is coming out on june-july. Then if he 's cool enough we'll go in some warm part of the world next winter.

    Next time in Europe Leela & David, do not miss Lyon, I know you guys won't.
    All the best.

  5. Yes! A list would be super helpful to keep up with all your beautiful happenings :). Have fun in the nest and hello to your parents!! xo

  6. would love a kitchn recap! it's kind of time consuming to flip from blog to blog while procrastinating reading essays :)