After writing about the lovely pongal, revisiting the golden-hued images, I found myself day-dreaming of our time on the Sub-Continent -- the place that is so uniquely itself, so unapologetic and wild and wonderful all at once.  I miss it and and I don't miss it -- whatever it is, that special oomph and parade of color, India will forever be my shining jewel of mystery and beauty.  

Some day, we shall return, hopefully to explore the Northern regions -- and sip tea with friends at the chai stand, watch crazy groovy 60s commercials with Indian girlies brushing their extraordinary hair, turn twirls off a 10-foot diving board into an oddly calm public pool, explore temples till we get 'templed out' then tuck into a magnificent papaya, doused heavily in fresh lime juice.  We'll do this till our hearts can't take it anymore and our spirits are so very tired.  

I'm ready!

Have you been to a place you've longed for again and again?  Where?


  1. I loved my time in India, but Paris is the place I've been longing to return to for three years now! Luckily I'll finally be there in one month!

  2. take me with you next time. i promise that i will paint my fingernails gold and eat a mango everyday. sometimes we put this on, try to copy the moves and have dance party in the kitchen...:

  3. Every year I start missing the desert (in south-central Utah, in the four corners) in the spring. Every single year. I start noticing all of the little markers of spring beginning here and I just lose myself in this big, gaping, lonely funk for the desert. The most beautiful time in the world happens the last week of April and the first two weeks of May in the part of Utah I was talking about. If you've been there, you'll agree, if you haven't then the secret is out.

    What follows in a gigantic, howling loss for the mountains I used to live in in Colorado. I miss that place and I don't, completely & at the same time.

    I'm going to drive out there this summer- it will be different. Hot. Bright. Dry. Long. But at least I'll get a chance to pay my respects...

  4. i always always miss the cobbled streets of florence, the sunflowers nodding their heads in the south of france, and the pine scent of the california redwood forests. take me away calgon!

  5. Once you go to India it will always pull you back there. It has that unexplainable hold on you. Perhaps because India is where humanity began...there is something indescribable about it...something magical, something beyond words...And of course for me, my heart is in New's a place that has never left me, not for one single day has it escaped my thoughts...

  6. so true!

    love all these descriptions of places that tug at your heart strings.