It turns out my obsession with the perfect biscuit, as you may remember from my familial quest, took a big u-turn this past week.  I met my match.  

Like an addict introduced to new, better product, I found this biscuit, laden with a blob of homemade raspberry jam, at the hands of one of Portland's most celebrated chefs, Piper Davis.  After photographing her unbelievable kitchen on the edge of the Willamette River, she suggested she whip up some "jammers" for us to tuck into.  Never being a girl to turn down a baked good, I knew I should stay for the magic that would befall my belly.  Little did I know I'd be forever changed, a biscuit + jam (cooked into it!) convert.  

It goes without saying that these biscuits were the most tender, toothesome, flavorful little gems I've ever had.  Fresh out of Piper's oven, with the jam a-oozin', I had myself a little moment.  Lucky for me, she sent me packing with about 5 precious biscuits.  I was so enamored with my beauties, I left my tripod in her front room, having to go back for it a couple days later.

These jammers will lead you to do stupid things.  But they will also lead you to biscuit + jam bliss!  Cook some jam into your beloved biscuit recipe, for peet's sake!

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  1. Biscuity cookies + jam sound like a perfect combination to me. Beautiful!