When I've gone away for the weekend, I usually come back to a living room cluttered with bowls and spoons, cereal debris intact.  D is an avid eater of cereal when left to his own devices.  Now I thought I was a real lady with great, healthy tastes, but it turns out I vear towards whatever's most convenient and tasty when all by my lonesome as well.  I sort of knew this was going to happen, so I armed myself with all my favorite groceries.  As I gazed down at my cart, it seemed this wasn't my usual fare -- it was all pleasure food.  What do I mean?  Here's what I got:

an expensive chocolate bar, flecked with almonds and sea salt
two pints organic strawberries
the peanut butter brand I prefer (but don't usually buy b/c D doesn't like it so much)
a small container of chocolate milk
crisp local apples
a fresh cream scone (the biscuits first cousin, bien sur)
black tea

And I'm all set for a weekend of single gal living.

Do your eating habits change when your other half is out of town?


  1. they absolutely change! i eat grilled cheese sandwiches- with gruyere, nonetheless, lots of eggs and order in chinese soups. but this is all bec Mr Spice is a health nut (a)- and (b) he is very Pakistani in that he doesnt think one should eat eggs any other time in the day other than for breakfast. the italian in me loves frittate for dinner. xx shayma

  2. i refuse to answer on the grounds i may incriminate myself. (but here's a hint...scrambled eggs at dinner...spaghetti at breakfast)

  3. You've got great taste in comfort food Leela. Was that expensive chocolate bar by Mast Brother's? I refuse to be without at least one of their bars in my house at all times, for late night indulgence of course!
    And 2 pints of organic strawberries?! Have a fun weekend!

  4. the perfect food combo. choc with sea salt is my favorite--what brand did you buy--i can never find...

  5. you should read: alone in the kitchen with an eggplant. it's a book that talks about the foods we choose when we think no one is watching. my favorite thing to eat when no one is watching is tuna salad with too much dill, scooped out of the bowl with tortilla chips.

  6. I'm terrible.

    We eat cold cereal for breakfast. Make treats every day. My husband doesn't like treats. I adore them.

    I'm a schlub for them.


    It's a good think he's not gone more often.

  7. I end up going to extremes. Hubby isn't keen on farro/wheatberries, zucchini or eggplants and he needs a meat on his dinner plate so I make a huge vege-laden healthy stew incorporating the above. I alternate between grazing on that and shoving my pie-hole full of potato chips and M&Ms (or maybe just sticking my finger in the nutella jar!) and wash it all down with a slightly too expensive bottle of wine that I won't tell him I bought!

  8. My hubby used to travel a lot in years gone by. Less often these days. But when he's gone its for 4-6 weeks. I eat a lot of vegetarian meals. I'll make stuff like store bought ravioli with a marinara sauce loaded with veggies. And then use the left over sauce the next day with heaps of polenta. and I second what Emma said... wine.... a good wine.

  9. My Hubby works the evening shift, and when he works 3 days in the row I make the same dinner for myself (different variations) 3 days in a row. This is very enjoyable for me because I can perfect techniques and eat leftovers, which is a "no-no" for the hubby. Tonight it will be day 3 of ravioli and last week it was 3 days of chicken.