"Queen of the Night" Tulip

rows and rows of tulips with tree in the distance - what a day!

Look at these Portland boys with their coffee cups as they compete in the rubber ducky races!

one of the little ponies put his bottom up to the fence after we cuddled him -- not sure what's happening with that

here we are 'shaka-bra-ing it up' -- SoCal kids in our hearts!

The Tulip Festival in Woodburn, Oregon, about an hour outside of Portland, brought huge smiles to our faces this week -- smack dab in an agricultural suburb, there 15 acres of the most outrageous, colorful blooms.  The tulips are so gorgeous and bright, they almost hurt your head to fully take in.  The clouds cooperated and we had a grand weekday afternoon of frolicking, playing hooky from school and work with our out of town buddy, Adam (don't leave us, friend!).  Moments like this make me fall in love with the landscape of Oregon, as we felt when we first arrived so many moons ago.  I'm grateful for this lovely reminder of the specifics of this unique spot... Finally we reap the rewards of all that rain and greyness!

Rivaling the amazing natural splendor of the tulips were the two miniature ponies we chilled with . . . Feeding them grass and petting their sweet heads (even stroking their ears like you would with a dog, they totally dug it!), we literally blissed out!  I thought my heart would explode with cuteness -- tulips and mini ponies, is there anything better on the face of this Earth?  Oh Mama, No!


  1. That looks like the best way to spend an afternoon in the springtime. And the mini ponies are like icing on the cake.

  2. I've been meaning to take the kids, and now I have inspiration. Thank you for this lovely post.