There's not one cloud in the sky.  The coffee cup is full of rich, aromatic, Portland brew.  I'm typing this post across the way from my fav vintage fashion double decker bus, Lodekka.  Things are looking up!

On Re-Nest, I had the opportunity to visit Pigeon Toe Ceramics, one of the most beautiful collections of simple, elegant pottery.  Lisa, the owner had great, creative energy and it was rad to visit her studio, watch her do her thing.

And, on The Kitchn, I had a really fun week of work! 

Scrambled Egg Toasts from Deb of Smitten Kitchen -- so cool to connect with one of the most successful food bloggers out there.  She taught me how to do eggs proper style!

Daria and Greg's Kitchen Tour is straight fabulous, chicness.  Get ready to be jealous of this stunner of a kitchen (and pad!).

Restaurant Recipe: Wild Ramp and Lemon Risotto from the DOC.  This recipe sparked a little debate in the comments section, pretty interesting . . . The risotto is a stunning, Spring time meal. 

Weekend Snack: DIY Power Bars - (ingredients featured in above photo) need a tasty, homemade snack?  These are perfect for a gal on the go and totally hit the spot with sweet and saltiness.  I can't make it through meals without nibbles and teas, these bars are a go-to for me when working. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!  Full of good food, design and strolls around town or better yet, in the woods!

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  1. Before reading about Deb's awesome scrambled egg technique, I had no idea that technique was involved in the humble breakfast staple. (For shame!) I'm a believer!