Do you want to know about the best thing to put on pancakes?

What blows the standard Maple crisp clear out of the water?

What makes your mouth and tummy go, 'ooh la la, hot damn!'

Why did i never know about this stuff before our pancake breakfast on Sunday, with a Southern friend?

I must make up for lost time by ordering some of this rich, robust, earthy-flavored, sauce of heroes  . . .

Have you heard of this darn good syrup?  From poking around a little bit, I can deduce that this product is made from cane syrup, water and sugar -- but the sum is truly greater than the parts!!  It's a taste of Southern magic, related to, but better than molasses.

It would be GREAT on a slice of cornbread -- it was lovely on the pancakes.  Thanks Pamela!

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  1. Leela: Do you know how this compares to Lyle's Golden Syrup? Sounds like it's got more complexity, more bitterness? Love the label!