Stack of Vietnamese Chopsticks l vintage flower tablecloth
Vanilla Chamomile with cherry jam stirred in l iced peach blossom white tea
hot pink l turquoise
baby birdies chirping l Yeasayers
You'll never know unless you try l Om namah shivaya (I take refuge in the transformative nature of the divine)
In honor of their friendship and desire to stay connected while living across the country, Leela and Tricia started this series. Every Sunday, note is taken of what's on their tables, in their cups, the day's color, sound, and mantra as told through a picture and a post.


  1. Nice Post! Glad I found this blog!

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    If you want, follow it and I'll do the same. Thank you. :)

  2. What a treasure. I love how you see the world. So inspiring.