This week was so productive!  After a big weekend project that wrapped on Monday, I decided to read my book (CLEOPATRA, a Life -- have you read this? It's amazing) at about 7:30 on the couch.  After 2 minutes, I was out like a light, happy to get some rest after a big push.  Sometimes the body just knows that 11 hours of sleep is what a girl needs! Yes.

I've been plugging away meeting some very inspiring folks for Re-Nest and styling some great food shoots with a big haul from a neighborhood Estate Sale.  We are enjoying the fluffyness of the trees and all the blooming flowers.  I love the Spring time view from our perch in NE.

For The Kitchn, I got to feature a celebrated food writer from Turkey, Cenk, talking about his favorite eggy breakfast, menemen.  Have you heard of it?

And a recipe for Raw Vegan Chocolate Cacao Mousse.  This stuff is so freakin' amazing and wild.  You'll never guess the main ingredient.

A Kitchen Tour of my pal, Katy, at a Coop House in Isla Vista.  This kitchen and cook work to get meals out for 18 people every day!  It's totally unconventional and absolutely wonderful.  One of the best tours I've done.

On Re-Nest, I'm covering Filly Designs, an eco-friendly fashion design house & a sustainable dream pad with a spectacular chef in the kitchen.  I love this house.  It's got great light and makes use of reclaimed and FSC wood. 

ps - photos above were shot by my friend, Shelby, who kindly invited me over to hang with her baby boy Sawyer (my little buddy) and cook up some food, then photograph it - what a lovely morning!


  1. SUPER cute!! I love how Sawyer is looking up at you---plus that table spread you're putting together looks divine. You go girl! So proud of you!!

  2. this was one of my favorite mornings. love my leela time. i have never seen anybody set a table like you...made me wanna wear some bangle bracelets....