Last year around this time, I wrote about 10 Foods that will Keep You Happy During Winter. I wrote that post in reaction to all the 'get fit' and 'eat clean' New Year's diet articles that become so omnipresent in January. I looked back on it today and all of these ideas still hold true for me this year (especially the tea and chocolate consumption - goodness save me from myself!). You might like to take a peek.

Also, if you visit The Kitchn, where I have a weekly feature, you may have noticed the redesign to the site. We are still working out the kinks, but overall I think it's a grand improvement, with recipes being more easy to find and better organization overall. I love this part of my work and the community of writer/photographers I work with there. It was my start at The Kitchn that acted as a gateway into all my photo, writing and blogging life, so for that opportunity I'm particularly grateful.

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