I'm very far behind on posting and photo editing! All I can do when I get back from the evening is to collapse, purple-stained tongue and all, into bed. Seriously, we eat dinner here at 10:30 pm! It is a wonderful, late night culture but I'm such an old lady at heart, it's hard for me to function on so little sleep. I'll sleep when I'm dead, that's what I figure!

We have been in Mendoza, Argentina for a few days now and it is spectacular. The land, the warm sun, more passionate wine makers and chefs -- it's quite the experience. Caro Winery was the first we visited and so I'm starting there with a few photos. Isn't Estella, the winemaker, gorgeous? She spoke very personally about the challenges of her work and being a woman in a very male-dominated profession. She was frank, courageous, totally charismatic and brilliant. I fell in love.

Each place we visit, the men and women are so incredibly, draw-dropping good looking, it's hard not to stare. I don't know the secret, but perhaps it's all the good wine and delicious empanadas? Espero que si!


  1. these photos are stunning leela! such a deft hand is needed for shots like these. and the opening image... hot!!!