While hanging out in Santa Barbara last week, I worked with my Dad's upper division photo class. In photographing so many homes, I've begun to get very curious about the secrets areas of the house. The homeowners invariably welcome me with a spick and span space and big smiles. When I start to poke around and ask "What's behind this door?" and they quickly shew me away, responding with some version of "You can't photograph in there!" or "That's where I shoved all my crap!"

As a reformed slob (I struggle to stay on top of my mountain of stuff), I'm intrigued with other people's messy lives. The inner worlds of junk drawers, medicine cabinets and hectic basements. That's where I want to go.

So how do we talk about mess within a two hour period with a bunch of college students? We photograph the contents of their bags. I think of these as an intriguing series of portable messes. I love the beauty in the mess! And look at the mugs on this class; aren't they all so gorgeous?

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  1. Wow, this is a fascinating photo collection! I'm always so curious about what's in people's bags...I feel like mine is always such a big mess!