Truly, there's no where I'd rather be than a sunny day in Portland down by the river, romping around pink fluffy cherry blossoms with my babe. We picnicked here and couldn't stop dancing, and doing hand stands and powdering our noses with the soft flowers. I got high off the happiness of the blossoms and the blue skies, I swear it! The weather here may be fleeting and impossibly grey, but when it's right, it's so dang right.

This is the type of afternoon that begs for a golden Diana camera and the reason I still love to shoot with this trusty old thing.

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  1. I was in Portland on a day like that for my book tour. I was fully booked and rushing around madly, but every time I crossed over the river I looked longingly and promised myself I'd come back some spring and wallow in it. So very lovely.